PDO Threads

PDO Threads

Polydioxanone, or PDO threads are a fully absorbable suture material that has been used in surgery for over 20 years. Barbed lifting threads reposition sagging skin, creating a more youthful appearance. Additionally, collagen is built 360 degrees around each thread over the course of six months. This creates a thicker, tighter, and smoother look. Smooth threads are placed in a more superficial layer, helping with fine lines and crepey skin. Of course, each treatment using PDO threads is tailored to a patient’s specific needs.¬†

Areas that can be treated using threads:

  • Lifting threads full face
  • Lifting threads to eyebrow/cat eye
  • Lifting threads to neck and submental chin
  • Lifting threads to knees
  • Lifting threads to stomach
  • Smooth threads can be placed in any areas with crepey skin or fine lines
  • Smooth threads to lip sharpen lip line borders
  • Smooth threads to crepey skin under chin or neck
portrait of beautiful young woman smiling pdo threads
close up of woman with her arms around her knees pdo threads
middle aged woman with beautiful skin pdo threads
Used in Surgery for 20+ Years

This procedure only needs to be done once

and you won't have to have maintenance done until a year to two years after the initial treatment.

Also, on the subject of downtime:
For lifting threads, no exercise or straining of the face for a week after the procedure. Next, for smooth treads, 24 hours of no exercise or makeup application after the treatment. Also, no microneedling with RF for three to four months after the treatment.

So, are you interested in using threads to treat any of the aforementioned problems?

If so, schedule an appointment with us, here at Magnolia Med Spa.

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